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Sidrik Green

Sidrik Green

my hood be in Anchorage, Ak Riding at Alyeska, Hilltop, Hillberg on the airforce base, and wherever i can find a good hill to ride on.

Sidrik Green's Bio

What Up!!! Da name is Sidrik but everyone knows me by SiBo and i live in Anchorage, AK but originally from Myrtle Beach, SC. my ride is an 2010 GNU Park Pickle BTX, with ride bindings and love them to death. LOL 2009 winter season was my first time making snowboardng something i would like to progress in and become better at. as for myself, i'm 5'7", Brown not Black male, hahaha i have over 10 Tats, eyebrow piercing, and dreads!!!I'm a Christian, out-going, funny, am married with only one kid and enjoy playing ball and working on my Cars. as for that, life is GOOD!!!!

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