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Shih-Cheng L.

Shih-Cheng L.

Shih-Cheng L.

Shih-Cheng L.wrote a review of on January 22, 2019

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I have the non-gtx version and it was great, so I also ordered the gtx for the wet weather. Unfortunately the shoe eyelets have not enough padding under it, after a few days' hiking in Utah's mighty five, the top of my left foot about 4.5 inches from my big toe(which is right under the 2nd eyelet) developed a bruise, and that was painful which killed the rest of my vacation. After I went home, I compared the gtx and the non-gtx version, the padding under the shoe eyelets of the gtx version is much thinner.

Thank goodness I bought this pair from, the CS was so understanding and supportive, even though it was two months after the purchase, he put me on-hold and talked to the warranty department who gave me the full refund. Got to love