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Sheryl Willis

Sheryl Willis

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Sheryl Willis

Sheryl Williswrote a review of on July 12, 2011

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1.the color - bright and cheery, making every day start right - wonderful,
2.size - very, very spacious for 3 adult size and one 5'3" large kid,
3.height - my husband (6') could stand up easily and we could all stand at the same time - throughout the tent,
4.skylight - fabulous to see the stars, rain, blue skies,
5.tons and tons of pockets - I never thought I'd have enough, but this one had them!!!

1.cheap quality materials - the netting had snags in it before we opened it and got several more after only a few uses and the netting was not even close to the quality of Sierra Designs, nor any of the other materials (We had a Sierra Design for 17 years before needing a bigger tent and it didn't get a snag for the first 14 years!),
2.saggy fit - (look at some of the pictures) the tent could never be tight because the material wasn't cut correctly so there was tons of sagging and flapping,
3.the rain fly could not be staked out tight, so I'm certain the rain would have collected on the tent itself,
4.the optional vestibule was a joke! - we tried putting it on and it was cut so poorly it was ridiculous and we had to nearly crawl to get inside, which rather defeats the purpose of a tent you can stand inside (very, very disappointing since that was the primary reason I bought the tent - so we could get inside without getting rain inside our tent and store wet things out there,
5.the door did not zip and unzip well,
6.there were lots of flaws in the sewing,
7.a gust of wind while set up in the back yard bent the poles and tore a hole in the rainfly (never had a big tent before, but I feel certain this is because the material was cut so poorly that there was no way to guy out the tent tightly,
8.no cover or vestibule on the main rainfly,
9.started getting rips in some of the seams after only about a dozen nights of use (ridiculous!).

I could probably name a few more things. The bottom line is that the reviews were all so glowing and we loved so many features that I was shocked at the poor quality when it arrived. When the tent was torn up, we took it back to where we bought it and they gave us our money back. I'm still sad. I loved the design, size and features, but the quality was terrible. I'd buy this same design tent again if someone like Sierra Design were to make it with quality materials and precision cut and a better door to keep rain out when you open it (not found yet)!!!
Oh yeah, and the footprint is stupid - (don't know why Big Agnus isn't listening on that one) - but we used it to cover our shoes since there is not a door on the rainfly (again - stupid).

Okay for camping in the backyard so you have a backup. Okay if you have a backup. Won't last.