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Sebastien Robert

Sebastien Robert

Sebastien Robert

Sebastien Robertwrote a review of on August 17, 2009

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For masking against cold wind and snow, this thing works spectacular. The neoprene outer layer blocks the outside cold like a firewall, and it fits so snugly with such a soft layer of fleece that you can't help but love the feel it has against the skin of your face.

The only complaint I have is that it is only a facemask: you're gonna have to wear your beanie with your neck-gaiter, and then tie the mask around. It can move around and when you put the mask down under your chin, it's kind of annoying, plus the back part has moved so when you pull it back up over your nose and cheeks, it becomes loose and less tight.

This is why I'm going to buy the combo scarf or clava soon. I recommend to buy one of these two instead.