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Scottwrote a review of on July 19, 2011

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Recently bought a pair for my wife's birthday, and was excited to see that they are very, very cute compared with most women's hiking pants - the roll-up vs. zip-off is great. Also seem to be very high quality material.

BUT, I way undershot the size on these. I got a 2, as my wife is usually a safe 2-4 in non-technical brand pants like J Crew, Anthro, etc. 25" skinny jeans. Typical man, I went with the smaller size. Big mistake. The pants looked more like a Double 0... not even a 0 in what I'm used to seeing. I think I would have had to go with a size 8 for these to fit my wife.

Ended up getting her a pair of KUHL's in a size 4 that fit perfectly.