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Scott in NYC

Scott in NYCwrote a review of on May 9, 2003

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I've used the Ecrin Roc since 1999 and it is still going strong. Primarily for caving, this thing takes abuse. I initially hated the choice of Red or white, as everyone looked alike. So I painted it. I've also drilled holes to mount headlamps and integrity is still strong. What is probably best is what NO photo ever shows - the INSIDE of the helmet. The suspension system is superior to all others. It is not foam, nor flimsy plastic. It is solid and adjustable. This is why it is good.

I've dragged this thing through mud, across gravel, and banged my head on the ceiling of caves countless times (it's dark in there and you are watching where you walk). I've submerged it. It always stays on tight.

It isn't the lightest, but the best.

I just ordered 2 from this site, for my caving club. Truthfully, I did it only because they were on sale and free shipping. But that speaks for BCS - where service is great and I feel they will be around a long time.