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Scott Shewmaker

Scott Shewmakerwrote a review of on August 23, 2011

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I just finished a 6 day Sierra trip with this pad and it worked great. I considered getting the standard NeoAir but was a bit concerned with durability and crinkling noise. With the All-Season, for about 4.5 oz more I got improved durability, quiet performance and twice the R value. It's also significantly more comfy than a standard inflatable foam pad. We had mild weather so the R value didn't really get tested, but as others have pointed out, this pad should be about as warm as a standard NeoAir combined with a Z-Rest or similar foam pad. Finally, with all my newer gear, I'm looking for smaller size when possible, and this thing is small enough to easily fit inside my pack. I did not use the included stuff/inflation sack but was happy to see that a patch kit was included.