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Scott "Big Daddy" Cohen

Scott "Big Daddy" Cohen

Scott "Big Daddy" Cohen

Scott "Big Daddy" Cohenwrote a review of on March 5, 2009

5 5

I own 3 pairs of these glasses. I have 2 pairs with the 400 and 1 with the 580 lenses. I basically live either on the water or at the beach 6 months out of the year. I am very sensitive to bright light. The 580 lense is the way to go.. they are crystal clear and dont scratch. These glasses are the bomb! They are worth every penny.

How about this for a bonus. My first pair were worn out. I sent them back to Cosa repair center and they completly rebuilt the glasses and they were just like new... total cost $9.99.. I had them refresh my second pari as well.

Great company - great product -great value!

Put them in your shopping cart..stop thinking about it...