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Schmo schmo

Schmo schmo

Broomfield Colorado

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Riding a omatic boron right now with technine bindings and celcius boots, love all of them. shredding it up at breck, just keeping it cool.

Schmo schmo

Schmo schmowrote a review of on December 10, 2009

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Alright so, first off these are oakleys so you cant go wrong. The crowbars are made for straight up shredding, wheter jibbing or backcountry these goggles will power through it. They have great eye clearence so minimum to no fogging. The lens are sphereical which means it mimics your eyes so you dont have distortion. The fire lens are 100 percent mirrored and pretty much good for any condition; their one of the darkest lens oakley has but in the snow or low light conditions, it'll brighten up giving you better vision. Crowbars have great venting as well. A couple of tips for goggle care would be to not rest goggles on your head because it'll fog them up and air wont circulate in as much so try to keep them on your face; also, only use the bag included with the goggles to clean the lens and if the inside of lens happen to get wet, DO NOT rub it, allow it to dry and shake the excess water, and do not store in hot places like hanging from a rear view mirror or in the glove caompartment of your car for a long period of time. Bottom line is that these are great goggles and an exceptional buy.