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Sarah S.

Sarah S.

Sarah S.

Sarah S.wrote a review of on November 23, 2018

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My dog and I like to match so my main purpose of purchase was so we could stunt. It’s a little large on a little dog, but I think on any dog over 13 in neck will be fine. We wear these at the dog park and while paddle boarding. For him it acts as a mid layer between his hair and harness of life jacket.

Looks cool. I actually have this in the super patriotic American flag ���� pattern which is perfect for the 4th of July and really any time that you want others to be jealous of how matchy match you are your doggo are. No longer lose your doggo in the crowd at the dog park because everyone will know that you belong together due to your kick ass matching buffs. Light weight and super soft, my dog and I get compliments from both male and females humans as well as dogs alike. Worth it.




Sarah S.

Sarah S.posted an image about on November 23, 2018

Fit is tricky once you find it AWESOME

My mini schnauzer chainsaw is between sizes. He has a frontrange in XS because XXS was too little, however it is a little big in the neck. He has the ruffwear pdf and it fits perfect. Got him a different ruffwear jacket(shell type) and XS was too big.

What I’m getting at is if your dog is between sizes like mine is, you need to base what size you get off of a known ruffwear fit on your dog. Mine is EXACTLY 17in girth. This jacket fits snugly but not tight. It’s super warm and keeps my little guy toasty.

This is the ONLY jacket he will actually wear and not look mad about. He also will step in to it and gets super stoked when it’s on because he knows we are gonna go do something fun. He gets it. He looks super cool in it and girl dogs seem to check him more out when he stunts in it. It has a light hookup in the back too for a light so you can go harness free at night or just want extra safety. It WONT work as a leash attach. Harness should go over it.

Fun fact: This can be worn under the ruffwear front range harness and the reflective piping will line up. It looks rad.