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SamSalawrote a question about on July 9, 2014

Anyone have issue with this lamp dying BECAUSE of 'LOCK' mode?

I love everything about this lamp (I LOVE LAMP!) but found it dead when I really needed it. Sorry for the TL:DR, but wanted to see if anyone else had similar symptoms. I now know of myself, my climbing partner, and one other friend who have had same dead Storm at the base of a climb. Don't know if I missed something in instructions, or if a design flaw of some sort...

I bought this lamp 4 days prior to a Mt Adams climb. I opened the box, installed included batteries, ran through the functions for about 5 minutes at home to make sure I had them figured out, then put it 'LOCK' mode and into the brain of my pack so I wouldn't forget it.

Flash forward to camp at the base of Mt. Adams, the night before we are supposed to be walking onto the north glacier. BOTH my climbing partner and I turned on our Storms and BOTH refused to turn on. Both lamps had fresh batteries, both were in 'LOCK' in our packs for a few days prior...Got back to town and replaced batts for Rainier climb but only the LED battery indicator light would work - GREEN for on, flashing BLUE in 'LOCK' - none of the main lights (spot, sides, or reds) would turn on. is (of course) completely RAD and after one quick phone call, I will be able to return hassle-free. The only hassle was having to go to REI and pick up another lamp for remainder of trip, as we were leaving for Rainier the following day.