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Sage Clegg

Sage Clegg

Eastern Oregon, Northern California, Montana, Texas, and now the East Coast

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Hiking & Camping

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I am a thru-hiker, a wildlife biologist, and an outdoor educator who has been going on extended expeditions for over a decade. I live in Bend, Oregon & in the summer of 2013 hiked the brand new Oregon Desert Trail. In December 2010 I completed hiking my triple crown, the PCT, CDT, & AT in an 18 month span. Hiking is something I constantly look forward to. When I'm not out walking I work in the Mojave Desert as a wildlife biologist, or hang out working on remodeling my funky little house in Bend. Check out my website if you want to read more about my adventures:

Sage Clegg

Sage Cleggwrote a review of on July 11, 2011

4 5

Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've been using this Rab Synthetic coat for a couple years now & wanted to update my thoughts on it. First: the coat still works. Second: I hardly ever wear it when I'm not on the trail because it's just not very "cute", but the functionality & light weight keep me packing it on expeditions. The fact that it's kinda ugly has allowed it to survive far longer than my other jackets. Fourth: My experience with Rab customer service for other items has been miserable, and I hesitate buying more items because of that... but thankfully I haven't had to return this item yet!
Here is my original review:
This synthetic Rab Xenon is really light and doesn't look like a blocky boy bag! I am stoked to find something I can wear on the trail that fits me and is under 9oz for the large after I chopped the tags off. My only complaint is the funky elastic on the hood. The down version has a bill but this version sticks to my forehead. Maybe it will prove to be great in blowing snow, but I think I will be wearing my baseball cap under it to make it feel less like an insulated swim cap. This jacket does have a really soft liner near the chin and excellent pockets. I'm off for a hike of the Japhy Ryder Route to see how it holds up & will report back. This might be my favorite new piece of gear for the season!




Sage Clegg

Sage Cleggwrote a review of on March 27, 2011

stellar exos!
4 5

This pack is really breathable, very light, and has enough space to fit a week's worth of ultralight gear and food. I carried it for 4,700 miles this year and I was able to use the same shirt the whole time. I never had any problems with chafe because I hardly sweat at all with it on. That's right- no hip hickies, no neosporin in my ass crack, no problems at all! The downfall of this pack is that it is only rated to 25 lbs. I pushed it over the weight limit and busted the hipbelt stitching a few times. Osprey was really good about replacing the pack each time it blew, but I wish it was just a little more durable. To be a good thru-hiker pack it needs to be able to hold the weight for an 8 day carry or a big waterless stretch through the desert. I'm not saying it needs to be comfortable with 35 pounds in it, but it shouldn't fall apart. This pack is more than perfect for what it's made for (day hiking and light weekend pursuits) and is my pack of choice for wandering long trails.