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Stephen M.

Stephen M.

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Stephen M.

Stephen M.wrote a review of on April 11, 2014

2 5

I have been using a Half Mass for the last 4 years on daily commutes, trips, and general around town excursions. It was starting to get a little ratty, so i wanted to grab a new one.

I was really disappointed when I got this version, however. It seems like Patagonia stripped the whole bag down to save costs or something. It has way fewer pockets and places to stow stuff, the laptop sleeve is flimsy and doesn't close, the strap adjustment is a single plastic ring, instead of the old quick release. Overall the bag just feels cheap now. It's too bad, the old bag was the perfect commuter, but now i'm going to have to find something else to replace it.




Stephen M.

Stephen M.wrote a review of on February 15, 2012

5 5

First of all, it's worth mentioning that this board is gorgeous. The topsheet is natural unvarnished wood and it seems like the graphic is burned in. I got three different compliments on the board over two days of riding. I don't think anyone ever complimented me on my old LibTech - and I definitely got no comments on an old custom that I rode forever. So there's that.

I was a little bit afraid of this board because it's a mixed camber profile and I have absolutely hated reverse camber boards every time i have ridden them. Reverse camber always feels squirrely and soft, especially on hardpack. This board, for whatever reason, felt confident and strong on hardpack and in crud and deep stuff. I rode it in 18 inches of fresh, a lot of soft bumps and crud and as fast as i could on open groomers. It excels in all of these situations. The nose floats, it has enough power to get through the bumps and there is very little chatter going fast.

The only fault i can find with it is that the effective edge is reduced by the rockered tip and tail and although it has mellow magnetraction, it doesn't feel 100% really laying into a turn on hard stuff. It feels firm, but i wouldn't really push the edge as much as i have done on big full-camber boards. I wasn't too worried about this though - i mean if i really really cared about that I would have gotten one of those goofy carving boards.

In short - I love this board. Incredible design.