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SAMwrote a review of on May 15, 2013

Worked under zero conditions but...
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Got an Icon before Aconcagua Season this last summer, worked a lot during the day but the hardest time came at night for that i had the Icon. A bit heavy, a bit complex to turn with mittons but appart from that worked just fine. Had an incredible issue with this lamp. After the 3 months up there working as a porter finally got down, and made the big mistake of forgetting to block it. PLEASE DONT DO THAT, the plastic cover MELTED, and the whole light lost its perfect 360° spot light. Still works but its not accurate any more. Called BD and as im living in Argentina they couldnt do to much, i was the dumm one, but instead of hanging on my they provided CS and helped me enough. Just sent pics of the melted plastic and as soon as it gets shipped, ill get a new one NO CHARGE.
As u can see in the pic in the centre there is a rugged zone, thats the one.





SAMwrote a question about on May 10, 2013

I got a pair of Spantiks, they work great...

I got a pair of Spantiks, they work great but after long exposure hours and climbing sessions, the rubber band sticked to the external thermal insulation patch is comming appart, the whole boot still works but i really need to know wich kind of glue to use to get that fixed till i can get a new pair and keep them waterproof.In the pic u can see remains of glue i tried before... Did this happened to anyone? Cheers and safe summits