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Ryanwrote a review of on February 22, 2013

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I have been wearing these boots HARD for the past 7 years! I first received them as a gift from my sister because I needed some warm boots for my demanding, most extreme cold winter job of snowmaking in the northeast. I have worn these boots in some of the most extreme wind chills (-90) and walked in puddles made by snow-guns at 0 degrees and these boots always kept my feet warm and dry! Unfortunately ,now, after all these years I am in need of a new pair. The insulation is finally matted enough so that my feet get cold . I do want to mention how they are still waterproof and the tread and soles are still perfectly in tact (considering the extreme abuse). I have used these every winter as my only pair of boots for, beyond snowmaking, everything from shoveling to snowmobiling . I can still use them for light duty like snow shoveling or anything that won't take more than an hour or so. I wasn't surprised to see that they have not changed the style of this boot in any way since the ones I received 7 years ago. This surely is a testament to the quality and longevity of these boots. I intend to buy 2 pairs of these this time in different colors.
Update. I have just read some of the other reviews and noticed some people gave these a bad review because of the lacing being difficult and the achilles strap being useless. I just have to add that these are made of some high quality material and it DOES have a significant break in period. I remember having a hard time with the laces when I first got them. As for the strap, I think the placement is perfect to help with that break in period. It may not tighten enough to feel a difference but I do feel that it helped a lot with creating a crease in just the right spot when walking downhill (which I did a lot of).