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Ryanwrote a review of on October 28, 2011

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I've used this bag in various climates and on countless trips to the back country. If you like a little wiggle room, are a side or stomach sleeper, or if you toss and turn a lot then this bag is for you. I usually use a second summer bag inside this one like the never winter by marmot on those sub zero nights and find that with both, I still have plenty of room, very warm, and it's like sleeping with an extra blanket inside the bag. Make sure to have a good R rated pad to go along with this bag and you are set. I've never slipped off the pad at night due the way the pad is secured to the sleeping bag itself. It might not be the lightest set up I've seen or used, but I'll sacrifice a little weight for a good comfortable nights sleep after a grueling climb or 20+ mile day.