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Ryan W Shafer

Ryan W Shafer

North Kansas City, MO

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Hiking & Camping

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why drive there when you can ride there?

I'm currently residing in rural Uganda chasing out the unknown... and fresh mangos.

Ryan W Shafer

Ryan W Shaferwrote a review of on February 13, 2017

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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I was able to get this purifier through MSR on a pro deal discount and it is in my opinion the best way to treat water out there. I am a volunteer in Uganda and have to treat all of my drinking water so this being a 1 step solution makes it as easy and quick as possible. I've been using this everyday since June (a little over 8 months as of this writing) and have had no issues. I normally retrieve water from a clear water source but I have also used it retrieving water from murky lakes and streams when back packing and it always gives clear, safe, good tasting drinking water.
It's not the smallest thing to pack, but this minor negative is by far out weighed by all the perks.
- Never having to back flush
- Removes virus and bacteria, which as someone who teaches water sanitation here geeked out about that they have finally made a filter type purifier, making a one step method to safe drinking water. No more boiling or UV required.
-Is pretty quick, I can feel up my nalgene bottle in little time.
- One filter cartridge last a very long time. For me this was a big reason to get it. Getting things shipped to me here in Uganda isn't the easiest so I wanted something that would last a while and this so far has.
Overall. Get it, it's expensive but that's just because it's that awesome.

UPDATE: I've now used this filter over 2 years and it's still working just as good as the day I got it. I ordered the maintenance kit after a year and it was super easy to do. After 2 years of use I would still recommend this filter to anyone