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Ryan M.

Ryan M.

Ryan M.

Ryan M.wrote a review of on July 20, 2017

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Familiarity: I've used it several times
Fit: True to size
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 155 lbs
Size Purchased: 45

This was my 6th pair of SIDI's in more than 12 years of riding. Always size 45 mens regular; Dominator for MTB and Genius for Road. These past 6 pairs of shoes represent the most amazing shoe experience I've ever had. For these shoes, it's been an absolute joy to even just put them on. The supple, compliant, leather fits like a glove, the latching mechanism is simple and quick to tighten and loosen, the soles are stiff without feeling like you are wearing a pair of rocks. To add to that, they put up with wear and tear and can last more than a couple years depending on amount and type of riding.

For this model, some changes were made. First, the ratchet mechanism has become more complicated. It is now much more difficult to line up the strap with the slot, tightening them requires pulling a smaller lever, and loosening them is a lever pull vs. a push. The previous model was so simple I could do it very quickly, off the bike or in the saddle, or even blindfolded. Still, if this was the only thing that changed, I would have given them a pass and a 5 star rating.

The second thing that has changed, is that they've gone away from leather as the material for the tongue, and, I'm assuming the upper as well. This is unforgivable. The whole appeal to these ridiculously expensive shoes is that they are comfortable, compliant, performant, and fit well. They are no longer comfortable or compliant. That, in my opinion, reduces the appeal significantly and does not justify the purchase.

When I first tried them on they were very uncomfortable, but I thought they would eventually break in. I've worn them on over 20 rides, and the tongue is still stiff as cardboard, feels cheap and gouges the top of my feet.

I will say that they've managed to keep the sizing true. They still fit well, but are just uncomfortable and disappointing based on all the amazing experience I've become accustomed to.

Do yourself a favor and shop around. For my next pair, I will.