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Ryan Crossley

Ryan Crossley

I shred where the snow is white and the air is cold the slops are steep and about ten years long Snowbasin Utah its gnardiculous

Ryan Crossley's Bio

OK I have a story... Once upon a time there was this dude Ryan he was way big into snowboarding then one day it snowed in the village he lives in he made a board out of an old side panel of a 1988 Toyota 4runner he cut it and shaped it into a board and drilled holes and made bindings with an old piece of fabric he shredded that snow up till it was mud then the rest is history... The next couple of years went by and he started riding real boards but only the burton brand cause he is cool like that! the last time he was last officaly seen was about five years ago while shreddin up Snowbasin it was a blizzard of a day and people just say he vanished and that he died or got trapped in a avalanche but one thing is certain his soul lives on and there is one spot on the mountain you can feel his presence and if your lucky you can catch a glimpse of what seems to be a gnarly figure riding what seems to be a old peice of side paneling to a vehicle.. dont take my word for it check this place out for yourself Snowbasin Utah between Morgan and Huntsville Utah I promise you wont regret it!!!