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Ski Wentworth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Roman's Bio

My passion is strictly skiing. It's My Lfe. Ive been riding since I could walk and living on the east coast we, don't have huge hills like Jackson Hole or Keystone or The Canyons or Whistler Blackcomb where opportunities are endless... I'm in love with park and ever since i was a little kid I've been watching the guys in the park and wanting to be them, doing 7's and 5's rodeos or mistys, K feds or Switch-ups. Now I am. And biking. Cross country or downhill, I race and I love it. It's what I do most in the summer aside from travelling around Canada or Europe or Asia. Just sports in general kindof, "drive" my life...


Romanwrote a review of on June 7, 2012

4 5

Extremely comfortable but i got a size too big and i got MAJOR shinbang. The neo-prene tongue kinda wears out after 2 years of use in the park. Also the tongue shifts to the inside side of the boot so can get kindof uncomfortable. But those are the small complaints. These boots are amazing. perfect for park and the rubber toe peice is soo helpful when landing backseat. I loved them and i rid them for 2 years (SPK Kaos) and they really served the purpose. Great boot.




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