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Robinson_22300964wrote a review of on July 11, 2008

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I bought this Kayak just over a week ago and love it. It combines the comfort of a recreational Kayak with elements of tracking and speed of a small touring kayak. A few weeks ago I purchased two Diro 106 kayaks from LL Bean. While very comfortable to sit in and for leisurely paddling on calm waters, the 106 was greatly affected by wind on the Long Island Sound and the bow kept getting pushed over with the wind on our backs. Our third outing was with some friends on a couple of 12 foot kayaks by Necky and Pungo. I had a difficult time keeping up with them and noticed that they did not have the same difficulties with the wind as I was having.

I then returned both Dirigo 106s for a Dirigo 120 and the Cayuga 110. I gave my wife the Dirigo 120 and I jumped in the Cayuga. Off to the Long Island Sound again, this time for a longer trip. I was greatly surprised on the performance of the Cayuga. While having a slightly smaller cockpit and lacking the additional cup holders and dry storage for keys, the Cayuga blew away the performance of the Dirgo 106 by a mile. Tracking was far superior and wind conditions did not affect this boat like the 106. The boat is much faster also and I gladly gave up some of the features that were cool selling points of the Dirigo 106.

I think for the beginning paddler like myself who wants to use their boat in a wide range of water conditions, the Cayuga offers a nice blend of speed and stability. One of these days I'll have to try the Dirigo 120 as my wife reports it being easier to paddle and she is very happy with it.