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Robwrote a review of on December 4, 2018

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As a person whose fingertips get super cold, I needed a glove for cold-weather trail running that would do the job but not be overly bulky. I bought the Patagonia Wind Shield gloves on the recommendation of my Gearhead Laura. I figured they would do the job but be of limited use. I was totally wrong. Took them out the other day for a 47-degree test run and had no issues with cold fingers, nor did my hands get sweaty. I wanted to try them in colder temps, so I hit the trail that same evening with temps in the 20s. Slipped them over a thin liner and again had no issues with cold fingers or cold hands. The key is that the material really keeps the wind out. I believe they will work extremely well as a stand alone glove in temps from the 50s and down to the teens with just the addition of a liner. Also had no problems operating any of my tech gear (phone, small buttons on headphones) since the glove, with or without a liner, is not bulky and really light and soft.

Sizing seemed fine. I have fairly small hands and found that the medium fit well alone but with plenty of room for a liner or other light glove. I think most average size people would fit the medium.

Since my nose and eyes run in the cold weather, the only thing I would add is a "snot-wiper" on the thumb or index finger. The glove or my sleeve worked fine but a soft surface would be better.

Just my two cents.