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Rob Pulliam

Rob Pulliam

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Rob Pulliam

Rob Pulliamwrote a review of on October 27, 2011

North Cascades 1995
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I have owned a Gregory Denali since 1995. I purchased this pack because I needed a dependable load hauler for a 21 day expedition thru-hiking the North Cascades National Park, with just one resupply at Ross Lake. I loaded this bad boy down with 80 pounds of gear and supplies for two 11 day sections, and abused this pack through some of the toughest back county you will ever find. It performed marvelously. 16 years later, I am now section hiking the AT with my wife (much lighter loads), still using my trusty Denali. I will never own any other brand of pack. There are no visible defects of any kind after all these years... the stitching is still as good as new. Gregory totally rocks. I have an old North Face Snow Leopard that my wife is using... we are going to replace it with the new Gregory Deva 70. I'm sure it will be the last pack my wife will ever buy.