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Rob B.

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I'm driven to get up in the morning by all the freaks out there!

Rob B.

Rob B.wrote a review of on November 12, 2002

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I used to install Yakima racks at the outdoor retailer I worked for. My current rack has 6+ years on it and is going strong.

1A Raingutter towers are bomber...they grip tight and are super-easy to install. Just place them in your raingutters, slide the bar through, and tighten a bolt and turn the big handle. Easy!

I know a guy who brought a rack back to me for replacement. He had driven his Ford Explorer into an automatic car wash with those huge brushes. The brushes wrapped around his crossbars and actually lifted his Explorer a few inches off the ground before dropping it. The rack bent a bit but held intact.

Another told me how he rolled his car in an accident. His Yakima rack stayed on and the police told him the rack probably kept his roof from caving in on his head.

I highly recommend Yakima racks to anyone who needs a way to carry their gear on their vehicle. I'm sure those guys do too :)