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Roald A

Roald A

Roald A

Roald Awrote a review of on March 15, 2016

I'm a believer ...and an amateur.
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Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I already had the 35/35 Powertap G3 version on one bike, and couldn't pass up this deal on this GS 35/50 for my other bike .

For G3 lovers, the power readings are consistent between GS/G3 and the DTswiss hub internals seem to be really nice. The hub sound is more muted, and I like that. I wont comment on speed/spinning resistance of the two as my two wheelsets use two totally different tires and the two bikes are pretty different as well. I believe they use the same ABEC 5 bearings.

If you're already browsing to buy, I don't need to get into the benefits of training with power. What I will say is that I obviously did feel a weight difference holding these in one hand and my non-powermeter 303s in the other, but that weight is not felt on the road (to me). Meanwhile, the benefit of power data keeps me in check for longer rides.

I was hoping that they would include the newer Reynolds Power Cryo-Blue pads, but the standard Reynolds Cryo-Blue is included and is still plenty good. The braking surface is great in the dry, and good enough on rainy/misty days. The pads + braking surface is much quieter than my 2012 Zipp 303s.

If you're looking to get into Power and/or looking to get some carbon wheels, you can't go wrong with these. People have all sorts of opinions on how different rim depths look but Enve 3.4 with a 35mm front and 45mm rear is totally cool for everyone because, well they're Enve 3.4s.

One mod I did make was I added some 3M black reflective tape to the white pinstripe. I did not love that accent. Now it looks all black in the daytime, and I get a bit of added visibility at night. It's superficial but somehow makes me love these wheels even more.