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Rickwrote a question about on November 8, 2010

I wonder, has anyone tried these gloves for ice and mixed climbing yet? I wonder, wether they'll be sturdy enough. So far I take at least two pairs of gloves for winter climbing. The reason being that the outer gets sooner or later soaked by dripping water and the membrain - wether it be gore tex or something else - can't move the sweat accumulating on the inside out any longer. I'm curious if Arc'teryx solved this problem with the SV glove.




Rickwrote a review of on September 4, 2010

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I've been a Norröna-Fan for a number of years. However, lately the quality of their products is heading down hill fast. I've had some issuses with seams coming loose in other Norröna-articles. Bad enough for the high prices this company is demanding from its customers. But what I've experienced with the Lyngen Softshell Jacket is a breaker for me. The polyester outer fabric is not very resistant to wear and tear. After just wearing it for one week a couple of threads have been pulled out. Now I washed the jacket for first time and the wire inside the hood rim poked a hole through the material.

This is the last Norröna product for me. I've never had any quality issue with Arc'teryx. The canadians get my money from now on.