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Rick Bargerhuff

Rick Bargerhuff

Elite climbing Rock Gym in Mapleshade, NJ

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I'm an avid climber from Somerdale, NJ and work in software research & development. When I'm not working, I love to push the envelop and crush routes on any given night. I try to climb whenever my training allows me to do so. Challenging myself and my thirst to push personal limits is enough fuel to keep me and my thirst to succeed, alive.

Rick Bargerhuff

Rick Bargerhuffwrote a review of on December 4, 2010

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I've been climbing in Anasazi VCS Velcros in size 13s, which is my street size, for several months. I've put many hours into climbing using this shoe. I've been extremely pleased with these shoes. The Stealth Onyx rubber is unmatched. I recommend you get these shoes a half size down from your street size so as you improve, and you will, you'll continue to use them on the harder routes and maintain proper fit. If possible, try these shoes on in a store before you buy.