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Richard R. P.

Richard R. P.wrote a review of on December 16, 2009

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For side sleepers like me, the Bi-Pod Bivy is way too tight in both the hip and shoulder areas. Also, I use the Thermarest Neo-Air mattress which when fully inflated takes-up three inches in height.

I have reordered and have received the heavier but far more spacious Tri-Pod Bivy. Its size is just right for me.

The quality of both models is excellent.

I have two complaints with both models. First, the zip-up opening is much too small. The opening should have at least one more foot to facilitate entry into the bivy. Second, I don’t understand why the outer seams don’t come pre-sealed from the factory. Instead you are sent a tube of sealer and a syringe and must do it yourself.