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Red river gwrote a review of on June 14, 2011

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been using theses a lot in the gym and they've been nothing short of amazing. I've got a foot that's exactly 9 1/2 inches and I ordered the 8.0's. Don't get me wrong they were nice and tight, but they started stretching within 2 sessions and every trip they become more and more perfect.

The toe is pretty round, but it hasn't harmed my opinion. If anything it s even more supportive on dimes because of it. Rubber is mega grippy in the gym and I could only see these kicking ass outside. These have great breathability and the tongue is padded very well. I've worn these + 4 hours straight without much issue besides the occasional foot cramp. Heel is solid and grippy for hooks and matches and there's no wiggle either, I don't have large heels.

Worth what I paid on snc for sure. They're not the greatest for overhangs but but not the worst either!