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Raymond Garcia

Raymond Garcia

Raymond Garcia

Raymond Garciawrote a review of on February 25, 2013

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I live in Los Angeles and always have a season pass at Mt High but the mountain terrain melts quickly and I ride a cheaper gun because I know it’s going to get torn up.

Once or twice a season I’ll get to real powder (Mammoth usually since I’m in CA.)

Right now the board is in its sleep mode waiting.

I started skiing almost 40 years ago before snowboarding existed. I saw the snowboard appear early 80's and I followed. I've been snowboarding for almost 30 years. Probably because I grew up skiing, I prefer powder and moguls over x game play. I can see that my prefereces is what this board is for.

(i had to give it a rating to submit / it's just an assumtion but I know I'm right)

I got the 165, I want speed