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Randy.Voeh902938wrote a review of on June 19, 2008

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I own a lot of Kelty equipment (tents and sleeping bags)and I have been very satisfied with the quality over the years. So I stuck with Kelty on this item as well.

I set this up in my living room but I haven't used it yet. It sets up easily and is sturdy. The windscreen seems nice too.

Negatives...It seems a bit overpriced for it's size and features. Hopefully the Kelty name will make it last for many years tho.

The really bad news: I didn't pay close enough attention (I guess) when I unpacked it from its storage bag. Getting the frame, windscreen, and food container/binto bag back into the storage bag was very difficult, and the zipper was crying even after multiple repacking attempts. So I am storing the binto separately, which is inviting me to forget it when I go camping. Why can't they make the storage bag one inch wider?

Anyway, happy camping all. I will say that this site's service and delivery rocks. Well done.