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RLwrote a review of on August 22, 2011

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I have 2 pair of these. They are the only long pants that I wear. One pair the snap comes undone far too easily forcing me to wear a belt which I do not like to do. Maybe there is a way to fix them? I sent Kuhl a message. We'll see if they have an easy fix. Other than that I love them. The rise is right where I like it. Nowadays the rise on most pants is so big that the crotch is half way to my knees and I can't stand that. These fit me perfect in that regard. They have a pocket on the side of the leg that my cell phone slips into and stays put. The material is pretty soft yet tough. The "graphite" pair faded from wear and washing pretty quickly to a very light grey but they are now my work pants so that's cool. I haven't washed the brown pair enough to have them fade yet. Overall they are very nice pants. Oh yeah, in my experience with them at REI I had to try on lots of different ones to get a pair that fit in the waist and length. The size varied quite a bit on them.