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Daniel P.

Daniel P.

Daniel P.

Daniel P.wrote a review of on January 7, 2013

4 5

Awesome pair of goggles. The red lens is polarized and therefore doesn't require much tint.(dogfunk site says not polarized but Its definitely mirrored so not sure) Anyways, this mirroring means it excels in sunny conditions without having to make everything amber (or any dark color). Rather the color difference is fairly minimal, and highlights and defines the snow in one of the best ways I've ever seen. In my experience the traditional amber lenses I've used in the past obscure the snow too much. The red lens adds the slightest bit of amber/yellow that is just right IMO. They have performed well in high to med sun so far. I have not tried the lighter blue lens yet but looks promising.

BUT..... The inside lens scratches SO easily it's a little ridiculous. I followed the instructions on the ZEAL site to use the inside of the pouch they came in to wipe the lens. But I guess there were little pieces of ice in the snow I was trying to wipe out and I scratched them really badly with just a few gentle passes. And I was consciously trying to be gentle and not scratch them. Got really frustrated because this was my FIRST day using them. Other than that they have been a great goggle. Will be contacting Zeal to see if I possibly got a defective lens.

Otherwise FIVE STARS