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Philwrote a review of on June 11, 2012

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I think these racks should have gone through another design iteration before they were released. First, the wind noise. Didn't these guys think to put these on a car and drive around with them? These are the same people who are going on and on about how silent their bars are.

Secondly, in making a rack that will fit anything, they produced clamps that are a pain in the butt to adjust for my factory racks, and which have loose parts that are easy to loose. Really, how much could it cost to supply three different bases? Or even two?

Also seems like a cam clamp to lock the racks up or down would have been a better idea than a knob that you have to turn about 40 times to loosen and tighten.

Other than that, they're good racks that hold my boats solidly and don't mark them up.