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Peterwrote a question about on December 21, 2011

Hey there all.
Have had several goggles over the years and most have had the same problem...condensation and fogging up. Whether Smith, Dragon, Oakley or Spy, it never fails. I sweat a good deal normally (which I have hated my entire life...but can't change), and it has always been a challenge when searching for gear that it had good breathability. The Oakley A-frames worked decent, but want anyones advice on some goggles that provide good visibility and breathability.

Saw these. Look good.

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.




Peterwrote a review of on November 12, 2011

5 5

Bought the jacket in Austria last winter. After moving here from california, and the moving company taking too long to ship our goods, I purchased this in size XL, in the meantime... Preferring to avoid buyers remorse, I spent many hours and days shopping online, after which I visited stores in the area where I could decide between various styles. Dilemma was deciding whether to buy a down jacket or European-esque stylish wool jacket; I was hesitant to pursue down because in my mind I always pictured down jackets as big, fluffy, ugly jackets, like the one my dad wore for too many years in my youth, (with its feathers falling out in too many places).

As soon as I saw this and tried it on, I knew immediately it had everything I was looking for: warm, but not too hot; enough room in the shoulders, back and arms, yet not too baggy in the waist (difficult to find for guys with narrow waists and relatively big upper bodies); a few pockets on the inside, outside, (and sleeve if possible without looking too tacky); a nice hood that fits my melon, and doesn't hang over my face; long enough to cover some of my thighs, but not so long as to make it difficult to trudge along a snowy path, durable, washable, and weatherproof.

This jacket met all my expectations, and I had merely seen it next to the ones I had researched online. With its durable, breathable material, thick down internal, internal audio device pocket, internal elastic glove/beanie compartment, internal elastic cell pocket, its hood with faux fur, its length, its fitted cut around the waist, yet enough room in the shoulders, back and arms, the sleeve length... lined external pockets with zippers... I could keep going, but won't.

In short. Saw it, tried it on, loved the fit, its build, and purchased it immediately, and have been excited, yes excited, ever since. Great jacket! Highly recommend.

At 6'3-6'4, 245lbs, the jacket fits me good