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Peter Urban

Peter Urbanwrote a review of on April 9, 2012

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A more serious tent. It is a heavy tent but I have found it to be reliable in bad conditions. On Mt. Shasta I was very proud of digging a great shelter around the tent during a horrific storm. Through the night I would push the snow off of the tent from inside. By 3 AM the storm was not loud and the tent warmed up considerably. Several hours later I woke to the sound of shovels digging me out. Seems that a large barricade of snow around a tent is not a good idea in a snow storm. Anyway, when they were digging us out I yelled at them to stop standing on the tent. Of course they could not hear me under all that snow and with the wind howling they went right standing on the tent with the inevitable results of a broken pole. I was honest with Mtn. Hardwear about the circumstances, which did not matter, and they replaced the broken tent pole for free. I have found the tent to be tough tough, still, don't stand on it.