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Paulwrote a review of on November 23, 2011

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I'm 6' 2" and 175lbs with a pretty lanky build. A medium fits me okay but it's a little wide in the torso. I will probably return it for that reason alone.

As for the quality and the materials of this vest, they are top notch (It is Patagonia after all). The R2 fleece material is amazingly soft and the stitching all looks really durable and well done.

This vest would make a great comfy layer to add some extra warmth to your wardrobe or to wear on the trails if you'll be exerting yourself and just need a little extra warmth for your core.

I would have to absolutely love this vest to pay full retail for it and I didn't. It's close but not quite there for me personally. Maybe I'll try again when I add a few pounds.