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Paulwrote a review of on February 5, 2010

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Hey! I just have to share this with you because this board just asks for it. Got it on my trip to the Austrian Alps this winter and it did it all and then some.
It just has the flex that’s right for it all, just enough to keep you going strong anywhere, be it groomed, pow, woods or the park. Since it's a lightweight board with a wide shape it just floats off-piste and allows you to enjoy at full throttle all you can from things like virgin natural jumps, rainbow-like trees to much more. Rugged terrain is harmless, the board absorbs shocks and landings very smooth. Groomed runs are a blast, you can go super fast with no effort and the turns are very clean. Rails are a stable ground with all the extra width and there’s no problem with the edges, the angles are just right. Due to this shape, you need less effort to hold a grab and pull an extra 180 while in the air.
I’d get it again for this sort of all-mountain freestyle riding I did. If on a better budget, I’d probably be looking for a better base, but still the 2000 is easy to maintain.
Don’t miss the looks, they are not quite like you’d expect from the picture. They are very subtle and once you see the top sheet from up-close you will be amazed, because they have an engraved aspect.
Good luck with it, hope to see your pictures here!