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Patchen Homitz

Patchen Homitz

Fairfax, California

Patchen Homitz

Patchen Homitzwrote a review of on December 4, 2011

5 5

It's the only shoe that fits my long, flat, and narrow feet (I'm a 46.5 A or B width). The insole/footbed is thin and wimpy, but that's the case with every bike shoe. I can replace it with something better. Sidi Dominators are notoriously sketchy when you need to put your foot down on wet rocks, roots, bridges, my wet deck, etc. The outsoles are hard plastic rather than sticky rubber. The Sidi Dragons ($$$) have softer rubber outsoles which are replaceable for a small fortune. If you've never owned these shoes, they last forever. The synthetic leather uppers and the hard outsoles are tough. The buckles can be fussy when clogged with dirt, debris, dry grass, etc. I've had a tough time loosening the ratcheting mechanism when the buckle is clogged. The heel cup is narrow but flares out away from your heel rather than in toward your achilles. It's a tiny bit loose on me, but my heels are narrow. The more expensive models have a tightening mechanism for the heel cup. Overall a great shoe. Light, durable, and simple.