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Northbadgerwrote a review of on June 8, 2010

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These looked great when I pulled them out the box, but after fitting them to my new board they show poor construction/manufacturing and an uneven finish.

Firstly the highback screws sit loose, even when tightened!

The difference in the binding frame manufacturing meant that one highback sat so tight in the frame the left squeaked like was like an old rocking chair sound!..... and was sitting so tight in the heel cup I Could barely get the screws out to adjust....I nearly chewed them up trying to adjust them.

The the right highback was much looser the worrying thing is that the plastic outer fitting and screw moved when moving the highback up and down again and again....not good!

My 4 year old drake bindings are still more solid and do not move about when fully tightened...what are Rome doing with this dodgy screw system!

Whoever put these together in the Chinese factory had a bad day on this line run.

Very adjustable and look cool, instructions somewhat difficult to read in tiny tiny diagrams.

Made in China and it shows....poor stuff Rome.