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Hiking & Camping

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Norrøna was founded on April 29, 1929, and has since been owned and run by the same family. Our core values, roots, innovation, and passion make up the foundation of our own design philosophy: Loaded Minimalism™ – a philosophy that reflects our drive to design clean products with all critical details.

Our product development is driven by extreme use: We make products for some of the most demanding users in the world, our dedicated testers. When they are satisfied, we know that our products are good enough to use in the most demanding conditions within each activity. We believe in the heritage of craftsmanship. That´s why we never stopped designing, sewing, cutting and gluing by hand. Most of our products are developed from start to finish in our prototype workshop at Hvalstad, on the outskirts of Oslo.

We strive to minimize our environmental footprint by continuously streamlining our value chain. We avoid air transport whenever possible. A long product lifetime means the world to us. Thus, a new Norrøna product is great, but a ten-year-old Norrøna product is even better.

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