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Normwrote a review of on April 8, 2003

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Just came back from a trial run (18 miles, ~1000ft el change) overnighter with the Golite Gust. Had it packed with everything for my Grand Canyon trek next month, plus a few extras to accommodate the lower temps (about 30deg F lower than expected at GC). Everything fits with room to spare, rides very well, especially liked having the waistbelt so I could adjust the pack from time to time to allow some cool air when needed. Pluses?
Gobs of space, very light but strong. Negatives? had to add outside pockets for water bottles, somewhat difficult to get top folded over to keep out rain.

I was concerned about the fabric strength, but a 1/2 mile of bushwhacking thru high desert scrub with no tears or holes set me straight on that.

Overall, best pack I own (makes #5 now in the garage), good for day hikes or crest trail treks. I Highly recommend it!