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Noblewrote a review of on October 30, 2011

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Quick Summary: The Icon 3.0 is of far inferior quality compared to the Icon 1.0

I received the Oakley Icon 1.0 backpack my freshman year of collge. It lasted me 4 solid years of rain on hikes, storing way too many clothes as a cary-on, and being packed with 50 pounds of migrane inducing texbooks. It finally started to break, but then gorilla tape patched it up and it kept on chucking.

I traded it in for it's grandson, the Icon 3.0 thinking that the two couldn't be too far apart in quality. Boy was I wrong, within 3 months the thing started falling apart, rips here, rips there, the shoulder straps twisting.

I recently traded it in for a North Face Hotshot which appears to be sturdier.