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Noble Tuttle

Noble Tuttle

Noble Tuttle

Noble Tuttlewrote a review of on January 26, 2009

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I bought this coat today and will be returning it. I live in Chicago without a car and need a coat that is impervious to the elements and that keeps me very warm when the temperature drops 20 degrees in an afternoon.
My previous coat was perfect in this regard--it never ever let me down, even in -30 degree winter. AS it was stolen the other day, I wanted to replace it with nothing less than the best money could buy.
After doing much research, I settled on the Canada Goose Mystique parka, which I must say is a very nice, slim-fit, well-made coat, but somehow isn't warm enough.
I wore it out for a test walk in 23 degree F weather, and my arms were very cold after 5 minutes. I felt the wind right through the coat, mostly in my limbs (my torso stayed warm). I even had a wool sweater underneath. The bottom flare was bulky and didn't keep my legs as warm as I would have wished. For $625, I would think that it would be lightweight AND warm enough for sub-zero temps. But it is certainly not a coat for anything under 30 degrees. It amazes me that Canada Goose would make such a long coat and not fill it with enough down to make such a bulky item worthwhile.
I am going with the Marmot Chelsea coat, which is half the price and much, much warmer (according to reviews on this site).