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No Whining

No Whiningwrote a review of on May 30, 2012

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Was shopping for a bivy sack but this was less expensive, roomier and only 2 oz heavier. A friend had recently got the Copper Spur and if you really have to have a side entrance, that might be a better option.

Just finished first two nights with the tent on 33 miles. My pack weight dropped by ~20% with this tent and a couple other changes. Super small size allows me to pack the tent inside the backpack and just leave the poles outside. First night was a put up in a decent wind (20-40Mph) and only had to make sure the light parts didn't blow away. The tent looked like it was blowing into itself (didn't line up with the wind right because the sloped ground was more of a concern). When I got inside, I realized it was just flexing, and there was plenty of room.

Over night the wind died down and there was a heavy frost in the morning. I only noticed a couple of drops of condensation inside and I was toasty warm with a 20 degree bag and sleeping pad.

Vestibule is small, but if you plan right you can leave your pack under a pack cover with extra gear just outside the tent and your bear bag/food needs to be further away anyway. Keep a change of clothes and jacket inside with you, leave a pair of boots and water bottle(s) under the vestibule and you're fine.
At 6ft tall, it's long enough and I just had to figure the best ways to move around in changing clothes.

Tent color lets in a little more light in at night than my 3 man North Face Rock 32 but this was actually beneficial. There is a small gear shelf at the top, big enough to put my headlamp on as a light for the entire inside.

If you're using the fly, I'd recommend staking down the guy lines to so it stays off of the mesh. If you don't need to stake down, use a trekking pole to spread out the foot area. You could also do the same if the winds are really blowing and you want to assure the foot box stays wide.

All in all I'm impressed with the tent so far.




No Whining

No Whiningwrote a review of on April 26, 2012

4 5

Working into my third season with this pack. Weight is great, fit is near perfect. Breathable back pad is awesome.

Only bad: Water bottle holders don't work too well (not accessible easily), but I use them to store tent poles and fishing rod etc. and they work fine for that.

Removable upper compartment could (and will) make a great side hike daypack with a little modification.

Water pouch takes some room from the rest of the pack and isn't the greatest hydration system. Solve this by bringing a steripen and less water.