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Nickettiwrote a review of on July 12, 2011

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So good!
The break-in period was surprisingly mild. Great tight fit, but in all the right places. These shoes were made for my feet!

The heel is incredibly snug and secure.

As far as sizing, I ordered my street shoe size...and it works for me. With other shoes I've ordered a bit smaller than my street-shoe, but these are already low-volume...and I don't feel like I'm missing out on a close fit. If I really wanted a tight shoe, I could probably endure a half size smaller...but I don't think there's a real need for that: I still have to take these off in between climbs.

I was clinging to a hole-y pair of Mad Rocks for about a year too long before finally deciding to cough up the moolah for new shoes.

They are super grippy! I'm a boulderer, and my climbing jumped up two levels after slipping these on. Oh the difference a thin piece of rubber between you foot and the wall can make...
And for all of y'all that are complaining about the stink, you must just have smelly feetsies....because my shoes smell like success. (Also, my feet just never stink. I'm blessed with good foot-odor genes.)

Finally, the teal color is pretty. Silly to care too much about looks, but these are seriously pretty shoes.
Buy them. They win.