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Nicholas Steinwachs

Nicholas Steinwachs

Northeast climbing spots

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I'm an avid rock climber.

Nicholas Steinwachs

Nicholas Steinwachswrote a review of on February 16, 2011

4 5

Reasons I can't give this pad 5 stars:
* The foam - I only know the foam can be better because I own an Organic big pad as well. The foam in the mondo will eventually fatigue, but at least you still have 5 inches of it.
* Manufacturing source - yeah, I care about these things. The reason you can afford a five-inch, rubberized back, humongous pad is because it's made overseas for cheap. Black Diamond is the big business here...
* No upper connecting strap between the two shoulder straps. This causes the straps to pull your shoulders apart and back when you have a heavy load, and when you have water, a pelican case with two cameras, and your bouldering gear stuffed in there, this can be an issue.

Reasons it's great:
* Rubberized back doesn't slide around
* Straps are pretty comfy
* Holds a TON of gear
* Protects your big falls (does it's job)
* Straps in the back prevent the pad from "taco-ing" on uneven landings.