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Nedwrote a review of on June 24, 2009

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Everything I've bought to date to carry all my gear around has been Yakima - until now.

I bought the rack after consulting the Yakima fit list for my SUV (GX470). The Yakima fit list said it would work, and once assembled and installed, I was unable to open the rear door.
Not because the Flipside didn't rotate 90 degrees, but the 'rise' of the unit from the receiver was the conflict.
After calling Yakima and discussing - they said the only consideration made when 'fitting' for a receiver on a vehicle - is if it will fit the 1.5" or 2" receiver - that's it.
Word to the wise - Yakima racks have a siginificant higher 'rise' than Thule. And with the side-opening door of the GX470, the only model I was able to find that allowed full access to the rear of the SUV was the Thule Revolver. (which is a nice bick rack!)