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Nat H.wrote a review of on August 24, 2018

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Familiarity: I've used it several times

I bought version 1 in April 2015. I selected 2 stars because it is just below "adequate for the job." It was adequate for a few months. But now it's not. So I recommend you buy a case that will last longer. After a handful of plane trips (maybe 8 legs), finishing pieces fell apart. One of the handle fastener covers popped off. The velcro that holds one of the wheel "chucks" (?) in place ripped. The outer fabric wore quickly in high-friction/high-contact areas ... to be expected ... but then put plastic or something harder in those spaces. The elastic that holds the nylon fabric around the blow-up wheel-protecting "donuts" came undone. Other things like that. It was disappointing. So I paid $400-500 for a bike case that lasted me a few months and now is just good enough to act as a storage locker that sits in my basement. Would not ship my bike on a plane with this case again after those little signs of wear.




Nat H.

Nat H.wrote a review of on August 24, 2018

5 5

Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

As Suunto's endurance community manager, I've gotten the Ultra, Sport Wrist HR and now the 9. I really didn't expect it to be a better experience than the Ultra, but it has been.

It has a newer GPS chip, so it performs better there. I really appreciate the "hours remaining" indicator in the activity pre-start screen. One day, I got in the pool with very little battery left; I think less than 5%. At some point mid-swim, I noticed the screen was off so I figured I'd miss tracking most of the workout. I don't know the full specs on this, but apparently it kept tracking because once I got it plugged in, the activity was still rolling and it hadn't missed any yardage from my entire workout. Very impressed with that.

The subtle design changes vs the Ultra and the Sport series are excellent (sharper bezel edge; exposed, uncolored metal on bezel top and between bezel and body; sharper, longer buttons); subtle, yet excellent. And while the band is barely different, it just feels better. All I can say it try it on after wearing an Ultra or a Sport for awhile and you'll just know that it is.

Of course, there are still some software hiccups (Movescount mobile app + Suunto mobile app; set pool distance to meters and the activity display shows Yards if you're on imperial; likewise will show meters if on Metric and you set pool distance to yards) that need cleaning up, but those will come as much has improved on a steady basis since the original Spartan launch.

If you pair with other devices, it's been flawless with my Rotor 2INpower and Stryd Summit. I turn on 24/7 HR to monitoring myself throughout the day and mostly while sleeping. I don't exercise with HR (power & perceived effort on bike and run; pace and perceived effort in pool). I'm primarily training for road triathlon, though I use it to track treadmill, indoor/stationary bike, SUP, alpine skiing, hiking, trail running, mountain biking, yoga/stretching and others. I customize all my regularly in-use sport modes. I did that via on desktop. I know it's an option now with the Suunto app but I haven't needed to make any adjustments since that came out. I have used navigation of routes multiple times and love the feature. I don't think it's a loss at all that the watch doesn't store maps or music ... more storage and hardware power for better accuracy. And honestly, if I need a map I will pack a paper map with all the details or download Google Maps for offline use so that I have bigger perspective to work with.

Excited to see what's next.