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Nicholas G.

Nicholas G.wrote a review of on April 5, 2012

4 5

I used them for 5 weeks straight this year. Amazing stick and the best tool for the weekend warrior. Otherwise, they can get torn up pretty quick. The Yellow Scrunch get ripped to shreds and the carbon fiber can chip even from strictly icefall climbing. These are scary mixed. The flex is incredible and the material isn't reassuring for creative placements. They are EXCELLENT, but if you put in any time mixed at all these would fall apart. If I got a new pair every 100 days on the ice, yes, I'd say quantum all day, but since I'm just a humble climbing-bum I'll get matrix techs to suit my more mixed style.

quick notes:
-wrist flick stick
-the interface between the head and the shaft doesn't look mountain tough
-high gripping these tools by the head sucks!
-buy the trigger and you get a solid high grip/knuckle protector
-steel is amazingly strong, I was impressed thats its as good if not better than the steel on cascade picks